News Release: UL Laboratory Testing Shows 18% Increase in Humidity

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible solution for dry air. No electricity, no batteries, no noise, no mess, no tanks of water! Lasts years, not months. Get one for every room! $19.99 each

Are you tired of every surface and all the objects in your room being damp and unhealthy when you use your current humidifier?  Do you just wanted the air to be humid? 

Recent testing by UL Laboratories in New York showed an 18% increase in humidity levels when using Humid Jungle.

What makes Humid Jungle unique is that it does not have the health risks of other humidifiers- studies by the EPA and the CPSC have shown that ultrasonic and impeller (or "cool mist") humidifiers can disperse materials, such as microorganisms and minerals, from their water tanks into indoor air.   We are the alternative to ultrasonic, cool mist, and steam humidifiers.

Humid Jungle was born from the health concerns of ultrasonic, steam, and cool mist humidifiers.  Instead of just belching moisture on every surface of your room, the air takes from the plant only what is needed to create a comfortable balance.