News Release: UL Laboratory Testing Shows 18% Increase in Humidity

"Thank you Humid Jungle Customers!  Your support of this unique hand crafted humidifier has been incredible, and I am delighted that they are helping others.

I was getting tired of every surface and all the objects in my room being damp and unhealthy when I used my old humidifier.  I just wanted the air to be humid.  Humidifiers currently belch water onto all the surfaces of your house, and then evaporation takes over- I thought I would eliminate a step, and control where the water goes.

We are the most simple solution for dry air, and I personally hope you enjoy your Humid Jungle!"

                                    -Dave, Humid Jungle

Humid Jungle started in 2009 and we have been hand crafting them right here in California ever since.  Our mission is to build you the best possible solution for dry air. 

Quality that will last for generations, tech down, silent, and just what you have been looking for in a humidifier. Made from 100% plantation and sustainable wood sources and contains absolutely no Tropical Hardwoods.

Here are some photos of Humid Jungle Headquarters and manufacturing facility:

Dave in the shop workin' hard to keep up with demand!:

Drying Racks:

The leaves are completely submerged in high quality exterior grade paint/primer combo to ensure that every surface is sealed and covered.

Raw Materials

Boxes ready to ship!


Humid Jungle at a street fair